Kingsmen: Movie Review

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This is the greatest James Bond movie that is not a James Bond movie. This is the tag that accompany this movie and is mentioned several times in the movie.

In my personal opinion, I would have to agree. The thing that appeals to me is not the special effects which are great and whimsical. It’s not the characters which are very likable, even the villan’s. It is the social commentary that the movie makes.

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The real villain in the movie isn’t the movie protagonist Valentine, a genius quirky super villan with with a lisp that can’t stand the sight of blood.  It’s not his henchman (henchwoman?)Gazelle, a beautiful and deadly woman who’s weapon of choice is her razor sharp prosthetics.  The movie’s real villains are the human race. The rich and powerful who are willing to sacrifice everything to remain rich and powerful and a religious sect who are seen as racist homophic hate mongers are the real villains. In the end these villain’s get their just due. You might think this a little biased, but you will actually have a grin on your face when these people receive their judgment.

So in the end the heroes win. The villain’s get what’s coming to them. Even royalty takes it in the ass.

I gonna give this movie a high grade.  I am gonna give it 5 geeks out of 5.

  • undbiter65

    I’ve been dying to see this film! No time 🙁

  • veeru789

    Hopefully will watch this today. Thanks for the great review.