King Tut’s Dagger Blade Made Of Meteorite- CBC

So the Legends Of Tomorrow chasing after Vandal Savage with that meteorite dagger is not purely fictional after all. According to professor of material science, Daniella Comelli at the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, the famous dagger found buried along with King Tut discover by archaeologist Howard Carter back in 1925 contained 10 percent of nickel and .6 percent of cobalt. Using a technique of X-Ray fluorescent, the team discover the components of the dagger blade share similar property with meteorites. Whats interesting is the dagger dated back to 14th century BC and is one of a rare find within the Egyptian culture since iron smelting was not developed until 8th century BC in that region. (source)

King Tut Iron dagger (Daniela Comelli/Polytechnic University of Milan)


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