Justice League Fan Made TeaserTrailer – Stu Whitten

While The Justice League Part 1 is not expected to release to theaters until November 17th 2017, a fan by the name of Stu Whitten could not wait that long and decide to make his won trailer for the film. He mostly uses the footage from Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. But if someone told me it’s a teaser from Warner Bros. Pictures or DC Cinematic Universe, I would have believe it. Most of the actors from Batman V Superman will return to reprise their roles. No word if Green Lantern will be joining the members of the Justice League that consist of Superman(Henry Carvill), Batman(Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman(Gal Gadot), Cyborg(Ray Fisher), Flash(Ezra Miller) and Aquaman(Jason Momoa). Zack Snyder will return to direct and promise will set a lighter tone than Batman V Superman. Check out the fan made trailer below.


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