June 2016 Free Games for PlayStation Plus And Xbox Live Gold


Sony and Microsoft have announced a slate of free games for June 2016 available to subscribers of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members.

PlayStation Plus members:

PlayStation 4 will be available to download NBA 2K16, a 2K Sports’ basketball game and Gone Home, a mystery exploration game.

PlayStation 3  will get Echochrome, a puzzle game and Siren Blood Curse(Episode 1-12), a survivor horror game.

PS Vita will get God Of War: Chains Of Olympus, an action adventure game and Little Deviants an arcade game.

Xbox Live Gold members will be available to download

Goat Simulator in the entire month of June

The Crew, a racing game between June 16th to July 15th.

For Xbox 360 with Xbox One backward compatibility,

Super Meat Boy, arcade platformer through June 15th.

XCom: Enemy Unknown, tactical game between June 16th and June 30th.

Check out the trailer below.


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