Joss Whedon done with Marvel, but not Disney?

The Star Wars geek in me just cried tears of joy at the possibility…

… Joss Whedon is being courted by team Star Wars RIGHT NOW.

The Lucasfilm Story Group, Kathleen Kennedy, and Disney would love to fold the writer director into a Star Wars project and after Whedon successfully navigated Marvel’s Phase 2 through Age of Ultron, Disney thinks he’s more than capable of heading up a Star Wars thing for them.

I say “project” because literally no one wants to be more specific than mentioning this happening. I can’t blame our sources, it IS incredibly exciting news and if they knew specifics it would completely expose them.

What we suspect is that Joss Whedon very publicly spoke out against Marvel and quit Twitter the weekend after his gigantic blockbuster movie opened under the pretext of being tired but mostly to create a smokescreen to secretly to be approached by Star Wars.

While Twitter erupted assuming the feminists had turned on Whedon (or something, let’s not discuss that), everyone not on Twitter was whispering that Whedon was on his way over to Star Wars, but no one said anything publicly.

Much like Vision/Adam Warlock earlier this week, I’m surprised fans haven’t been pulling their hair out at the possibility.

Here’s the skinny: this is probably NOT Episode IX.

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    I’m happy to see him move on. But I’d ultimately love to see him create something that is entirely his own.

  • johnadeleon <—you can click on that as well, around 1:37, Joss is asked about a possibility of joining the Star Wars team