Jared Leto Recreates ‘The Killing Joke’ Cover

'Killing Joke' Cover (DC Comics)
‘Killing Joke’ Cover
(DC Comics)

Jared Leto is going to be our new Joker. David Ayer, who is directing Suicide Squad is marketing the movie just right. Tweeting snippets of the script and, recently, live tweeting the Joker transformation. This has kept fans, like myself, hyped up for the film, even though it’s still roughly a year until it’s release.

The Killing Joke, which tells the origin story of a failed comedian and his descent into insanity, is one of the most famous story arcs where the Joker is the main antagonist. The iconic cover, seen above, shows a grinning Joker with a camera in hand. Jared Leto recreated that image, green hair and all. The image was tweeted by David Ayer’s official twitter account. See it below:

The only thing missing is the grin. How do you think the Oscar-award winner will pull off the role?