It’s Beginning to Geek a lot Like Christmas

‘Tis the season, geeks! We have been called to action to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones! And while shopping can be a chore, sometimes the fantasy of being able to shop without a budget can inspire. Plus…I love extravagance.

So, in the spirit of impractical holiday shopping, I offer some items that the average geek can only dream about owning. And hey, if you’ve got the income to afford such decadence, we need to be better friends!

  • Superman Hero Tunic, $50,000: This item up for auction is from the 1978 Superman flick with the incomparable Christopher Reeve. The man embodied the character, and now you can own a piece of that. More info.
  • Star Wars Collectibles, Various: several items here that might actually be in a reasonable price range. From a private collection of a dearly departed enthusiast, this auction is appropriately timed for the Force Awakens thrill. More here.
  • Apocalypse Bunker, $17.5m: Less reasonable, for the billionaire recluse survivalist in your circle, this bunker is 45ft below ground and survive quite a nuclear blast. With Internet, a theater, and staff quarters, livving in posh. Just be sure you properly stock it, or it will become an expensive coffin! More details.
  • Elvis Collectibles, Unknown: Perhaps you know an old-fashioned music geek. This is the auction for you. Check out rare recordings that give a backstage perspective of the artist. Source

Still not sure what to buy?! Check out the Geek Store for more…practical recommendations from our contributors!


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