Iron Man 4 : Robert Downey Jr.’s Last Avenger Film?

From ABC News comes a clip of Captain America : Civil War’s full cast give an inside look of the film. In the clip when asked a potential Iron Man movie down the road, Robert Downey Jr. hinted that he could do one more Iron Man movie. Captain America : Civil War marks the seventh big screen appearance by his Tony Stark character, not to mention Spider-Man : Homecoming next year follow by two Avengers : Infinity War films that pushes to 10.  And there are other stand alone Marvel super heroes coming along as well. Given Robert Downey Jr.’s star power in Marvel Cinematic Universe, nervous executives would need his box office stamp of approval, if they have no confidence in certain lead actor to carry the movie alone. Considering the actor is 51 years old, soon he will need to pass the baton to younger box office draws. But that is easier said than done to have the looks, acting chop and experience of Robert Downy Jr.


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