Iron Maiden Have Announced A New Beer…

Following the rip-roaring success of their flagship Trooper beer and last year’s limited-edition Trooper 666, Iron Maiden have dabbled into the brave new world of high strength beer.

A lovely drop it was too!
A lovely drop it was too!

If this beer is as popular as Trooper it’s guaranteed to fly off the shelves at the ‘Speed of Light’, Trooper Red ‘N’ Black is a 6.8% ABV strength porter (5.8% ABV on cask) and has been designed by Bruce Dickinson at his favourite sanctuary of Robinsons Brewery alongside head brewer/’The Alchemist’ Martyn Weeks.

Not on sale from here to eternity, Trooper Red ‘N’ Black is a limited edition beer and will be available to fans worldwide from September 2016.

Making some startling ‘Revelations’, Bruce Dickinson said he was cracking into the great unknown when designing the beer:

“I like tasting outside the box. Stouts and porters were virgin territory for me so I just went by feel.

“Martyn and I hope we have created a new take on a classic beer and one which I hope will tickle the taste buds of ale fans in a pleasantly unexpected way.”

According to Robinsons, Red ‘N’ Black uses a blend of chocolate and crystal malts which help give the beer a roasted malt and caramel backbone.

Robinsons brand manager and all round talisman John Robinson says they can’t wait to reach out to beer lovers once again:

“With millions of pints sold in 55 countries worldwide it’s safe to say that Trooper remains a phenomenal success.

“Last year, we released Trooper 666 at the request of the fans and this year we are happy to be releasing another limited edition beer that broadens the Trooper range in an ever evolving and vibrant beer market.”

Roll on September when we can go into the local shop and ask ‘Can I Play With Madness?’ and think ‘Holy Smoke’ this is a good ale! With any luck we won’t have to much and have ‘No Prayer For The Dying’!

Sorry about all the puns, I just had to do it!

And Bruce, not to much tasting before getting aboard Ed Force One, I think enough damage has been caused!

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