Inglorious… There’s No Shame Here!

Do you like classic hard rock? Bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bad Company, Aerosmith and the like?

If the answer is yes then you need to continue reading this!

It all started last week, Friday morning, like most other weekday mornings, I woke up at the 6:15 alarm, woke the kids up, let the hounds out, turned on Planet Rock radio and the kettle, Paul Anthony was just starting the Kryptic Konundrum, which I love – it gets the old grey matter working in the morning, I listened to the clues and got it instantly! The answer – Mr Big – Green Tinted Sixties Mind, so without a do I e-mailed the answer and finished making my morning brew. My phone rang! It was Paul Anthony! I’d won! My prize? The debut album by Inglorious (Self titled) I was stoked!

Saturday morning came and so did the mail… and there it was, my new CD! I instantly found an excuse to go out in the car and listen to it… LOUD!


My first impressions? Wow, this is good old classic heavy rock, The sort of thing I grew up with, the sort of music I’d go out to listen to at the weekend, the music I’d play in my beaten up old Vauxhall Cavalier! I was young again! (Not that I’m old before you say it!) If Classic Rock is really on its way back then here it is! 50 minutes of unadulterated, guitar chugging, melodic and downright awesome vocals.

The front man, Nathan James (who I hadn’t realised had sung for one of my all time favourites, Trans Siberian Orchestra) has the voice that seems to be missing from many bands today, a real passion for what he’s singing! The band as a whole seems like they have been playing as a group for decades, not the two years they have been together.

I’m not going to go through each song separately, that’s your job, but I will make note of a few of the tracks I always seem to replay…

Track one – Until I Die

Starting off like an old Deep Purple track, the quiet organ leading into drums building up to… A guitar riff that will be going through your head for days! This is the track that made me hope and pray the rest of the album was going to just as good – I’m not disappointed!

Track four – Holy Water

This I liked from the moment it started, I love some rocky blues and this ticks all the boxes for a classic, it’s one of those songs that when you’ve heard it once, you’d wonder why you have never played it before!

Track nine – Inglorious

This track has a psychedelic feel, ‘Inglorious’ is a real eye-opener, showing the huge versatility the band has. Is this a track that is giving us a taste of things to come in the next album? I do hope so, it puts me in mind of Dream Theatre with harder vocals.
This album will go down in history as one of the all time classic British Hard Rock albums of all time. The perfect mix of melodic vocal, gritty rhythm and guitar riffs that will make you (and me) play it again and again!

Well that’s all you’re going to get from me for now apart from a few last words…
I thought I’d look up the definition of Inglorious and this is what I got:
Well, There is no shame or loss of honour here and these guys will be famous AND renowned!
The only shame I can see is on you readers if you don’t go out and buy this album!

Oh, just to let you know, they will be playing the Ramblin’ Man on the 23rd July at Moat Park, Maidstone, UK… And I will be there!

Lets finish with their cover of the classic Whitesnake – Fool For Your Lovin’

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Buy a signed copy of their album here, You’ll be pleased that you did!

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  • Dave

    I can almost never get those Kryptic Konundrums! So well done. Listened to some of the tracks on YouTube, really great sound might have another convert.

    • It’s certainly one of the best British Hard Rock albums I’ve heard in a long time! Nathan James’ voice is amazing, huge range!