In Defense of Joss

Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon

This week has been a tough one in the Whedon camp. Joss quit Twitter under motives that became questionable after he remained silent about it initially. Then the flaming troll hate made him speak out on the true reason. Now, more people are calling his reason lame, and nothing more than a poor excuse. It’s even caused some debate among the contributors here.

The breakdown: Joss states he left Twitter because it became a hinderance to him. He claimed he was addicted to keeping up with his feed and notifications. He further stated that the troll hate was distracting in that aspect, but was balanced by the love he received by fans. He even admitted that the positive feedback was almost more damaging to his creativity. I mean, isn’t proving someone wrong a great motivator? So, Joss quit cold turkey. I think that takes more courage than sticking it out.

Now, if you’ve read my previous work (If you haven’t, shame! Go read them now!), you will know I’m a fan. More than that, I understand the creative mindset. I’m no creative genius, but I do have an active mind that does not easily quiet, nor will it focus amid distractions. Did I mention we are both redheads and prone to passionate obsession over minutia… so, yeah I kind of get his sudden all-encompassing attachment to Twitter followed by an equally sudden and silent disconnect. I’ve been there many a time.

People are quick to shed hate towards anything that seems counterpoint to their opinion. Many are calling Joss fearful and cowardice for leaving. They think he has forever altered the preceptions of himself. They believe he should have “stuck it out” or “spoken up.” The problem with that logic, is that not everyone is able to process such intense activity in the same manner or on the same timeline. Everyone handles situations differently. It’s a simple fact of behavior: our cultures and backgrounds design our conflict resolution styles. So. his way may not be your way. Even if he IS hiding from the masses as he works on his next creative project, why does it matter? He’s created some fantastic intellectual property over the years. Let him work. I miss him on Twitter, but he was a rather new convert to the social media platform. I think he just voted no. Isn’t that his right?


What do you think about Whedon’s departure?  Sound off in the comments below.


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  • undbiter65

    He clearly succumbed to trolls. And if he did, I ask you the same question, why does it matter? He’s not the first to do so and won’t be the last. Just intrigued why some people are so insistent on defending his cowardice.

    • E

      Because “cowardice” is a value given externally. It is presumptuous to believe one knows the motives of another.

    • E

      For me, it is not about defending his actions, but rather defending his right to act.

  • Brad

    He left amidst trolling. Then said it wasn’t because of the trolling. I find it extremely hard to believe it was just timing.

    If he had said, I don’t like the medium, people are too mean, I would have preferred it to him claiming it was something else. His claim of unplugging and having nothing to do with the trolling sounds too much like the kid that backs out of the school yard fight because he has to be home at a certain time.

    In the end, will it change if I watch and how I like his movies? Not at all.

    But when and if he ever takes a stand on something, it will affect how much I take that seriously.

    • E

      Perhaps the trolling put an already problematic situation in stark relief. I’m sure it played a part as well, but I’m equally sure the reasons he gave are more accurate to his final decision. Perhaps he chose to not feed the trolls in hopes of starving them into silence. Either way, it’s all speculation. The only intel we have confirmed are his own words.

      I’d much rather believe one man I respect than believe a bunch of faceless trolls spouting their unfounded opinions.

  • james pisano

    Good comments E. I have no idea what his motives are for leaving Twitter. I actually don’t know him very well. But I know you are obviously a “fan,” so I’m not going to belabor an opposite view even if I had one.

    • E

      I appreciate your willingness to consider the view.