How I Got Booted Off The Set of Robocop!



As the title says, I got booted off the set of the 2014 reboot of Robocop!  Thankfully I had my DSLR on me (at that time I had a Sony a330)  and can now give you somewhat of a tour.

The image above was simply the film crew setting up, not much to see here folks.

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These are the shots to the right and to the left of the photo above.  Take note of photo on the left. we all know Robocop is set in Detroit so hence the “Free Detroit” graffiti on the wall.  Interesting, considering I’m north of the border in Canada.


Walking a bit further I found these gems !  a Chrysler 300 and a Fiat 500 retrofitted to look like there from the future.


So now I’m starting to make my way around back where I’m not supposed to be.  This also happens to be where I find this taxi,  probably one of the coolest set pieces I saw here on set.

Making my way back around through a parking lot I find myself right across from where the filming is taking place.   I was thinking what if I can get in that little alley where all those people are (ambitious I know).   All the while doing my best to just look nonchalant acting like I belong there.

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Getting closer !  notice the fake bullet hole decals on the Charger on the left.  At this point I’m actually quite shocked that nobody has pulled me aside.   The adventure continues !


I’m in ! this is the scene of the epic gun fight in the restaurant.  Notice the glass all smashed to pieces.  I didn’t get a lot of time in here as it was pretty obvious at this point that I didn’t belong here.  Shortly after two men start walking toward me and vehemently question me asking me what company I work for.   I left shortly thereafter because well they said things wouldn’t turn out good for me if I did.

All things considering this little outing turned out to be a lot more eventful than even I expected.   Fun little fact this restaurant was compensated 10,000 dollars a day for the use of their facility.














  • undbiter65

    Lmao! That’s awesome! How many people can say they’ve been kicked from a movie set :p lol.

    • Barracuda7772

      Before this I couldn’t say I was lol,. I hope I don’t get booted from the next one haha 😉

  • veeru789

    Hahaha good adventure Bro.