How Does Batman Acquire Kryptonite?

Batman (YouTube)

Several days ago Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Batman will indeed have kryptonite when facing Superman in the upcoming Batman v Superman film. This raises the question of how exactly did Batman obtain kryptonite? See my theory below:

First, what is kryptonite? Kryptonite is the remains from Superman’s homeworld. I believe that Man of Steel answers the question of how the Caped Crusader got his hands on this rare mineral. In Man of Steel, General Zod uses a world engine, which terraforms and modifies Earth’s topography and clouds the air with particulates. This world engine essentially was turning Earth into Krypton and was active for quite a bit before Superman could destroy it.

Now, if Kryptonite is fragments of Krypton and the world engine was turning earth into Krypton then therein lies your answer. Theoretically, the world engine was active long enough to create at least some Kryptonite for the Dark Knight to obtain. This, to me, is the most logical way Batman could’ve gotten his hands on kryptonite. The only other (unlikely) explanation is that a shard of a planet that imploded hundreds of light years away made its way to earth.

What other explanation, if any, do you have for how kryptonite made it into the gloved fist of Gotham’s protector?

  • yugeeo@yahoo

    Superman gave it to Batman for when the need arises

    • undbiter65

      At this point they’ve never met before

  • Frederick Damasus

    So how did Bruce Wayne know kryptonite was Kal El’s weakness?

    • Robert

      He Googled it. Lol

      • jk


  • tegzi

    Well… He was affected by zods ship…. Bcus it had elements of his home planet…there z a possibility it had kryptonite in stored within it somehow and it was until joe-el block it with let say lead that supes was strong again ….maybe this horde of kryptonite found itz way to earth..

    • Jim-El

      Would joe-el be related to Bob and Diane-el?

  • 1970

    He watched the previous movies

  • Liferan

    Ok….watch smallville and there the answer

  • Frederick Damasus

    How does Smallville connect to this? Make your assumptions based on Man of Steel… And Dawn of Justice… Cos according to the movie they’re meeting for the 1st time

  • Robert

    Batman does really have kryptonite. It’s actually Lime flavored Jell-O.

  • TeeBells

    He googled it! Period!

  • w

    Batman made the replica of kryptonite. Bruce wayne is rich.

  • Q

    Well he resourceful, he may have visited the site where superman was found. And found these pieces of green rocks

  • The real question is how he knew the man of steel weekness because nobody knew this handful piece of information

  • riszani

    I dont think those machine were the source. Despite of creating krypton environment, still theres one lack of element in forming kryptonyte, kryptonite were crystal fragment of krypton radiated by red sun. In the world engine case, i it produces only the sustainable environment –probably the soil and atmosphere– for kryptonians to walk the earth without issues but not the red sun. And clearly Zod aims to re generate krypton and intended to keep Godly power they have from yellow sun. So, no, the kryptonite does not come from those machines.

  • Alwyn

    Lex gave it to bruce!

  • steve

    Because batman smart batman knew superman real strong that way batman learning superman weekness so batman did it batman knew superman weekness is kryptonite and use that to fight superman!

  • Arie

    Google it and browse where to buy it at amazon…LOL

  • Randhy

    Maybe bruce wayne found it at the ice cave the place that superman found his father space ship (man of steel)

  • Jo

    Batman use the fragment of Zod’s ship as his shield,because he’s assume those metal will build the strongest defense,,coincidentally these metal contain a krypton substance,,,