House of Cards Season 4 -The leader We Deserve.

We can make fun of the current crop of presidential candidates but I dare you to make fun of Frank Underwood! Not with Claire Underwood(Robin Wright) stood by his side. No one can play a menacing character let alone the president of the United State better than Kevin Spacey. The power couple that graced our television in the last 3 seasons on the House of Cards had done the most despicable thing , yet we can’t turn our eyes away from the president and the first lady. Not to mention at times they managed to elicit our sympathy. So what’s in store for season 4? As we seen Claire Underwood walking out on Frank at the end of the series and Doug Stamper(Michael Kelly) the most loyal assistant to Frank Underwood working his way back to his master’s grace. Who will be the formidable enemies that could take on the Underwoods? You’ll have to wait till March 4th to find out. Meanwhile enjoy the trailer.


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