Hardcore Henry TV Spot – STX Entertainment

STX Entertainment has released a tv spot of the upcoming action thriller Hardcore Henry.This movie is presented to the viewers as the first-person experience. The entire film is shot from the perspective of the hero. You the audience do not remember who you are, except you were brought back to life by your wife (Haley Bennet), she tells you your name is Henry. minutes later your wife is kidnapped you are being shot at. All you know is you have to get her back from a powerful warlord Akan (Danila Kozlovsky). He has an army of mercenaries you have to get through. You also ended up in Moscow, an unfamiliar territory where everyone wants to kill you with the exception of one British fellow by the name of Jimmy(Sharlto Copley), friend or foe he is now your only source to the world you were brought back to. You can hit the play button at your local cinema on April 8th.


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