Guillermo Grispo Teases Batman’s fighting style better than Nolans!

Guillermo Crispo, fight scene choreographer for Batman vs Superman, says Batman’s fighting style is everything he ever dreamt of. Something, which he says, was a definite weakness in the Nolan trilogy. In an interview he teases the fight between Batman and Superman and Batman’s fighting style.

How was it preparing the fights between Batman and Superman?

I was fascinated. For me, I’m enchanted by both characters but Batman has always been a favorite. In 2007 I almost got to work in the second installment of the Nolan trilogy but due to issues in the contract it didn’t pan out. My whole world crumbled. Luckily, Snyder decided to incorporate Batman in this film which will be telling the origin story to Justice League. He will be in charge of the entire franchise and sequels, which will be Zacks next projects.

What role did you have in the film?

I assisted preparing the choreography for the stuns double coordinator and director of the second unit, Daman Caro, who has worked with Snyder for many years. I worked with them in “Sucker Punch,” “300,” and the first Superman film “Man of Steel,” and the truth is these movies are my filming school. Snyder is the “don” (mastermind), yet allows us free reign for us to design the fights and for us to do the editing. I was also in charge of camera work in the test shoots for the action sequences.

What can you tell us about the plot?

Listen, Warner Brothers are very strict, I can’t say much, but it’s no surprise that Batman will be fighting Superman. It’s one of the most important (action) sequences in the film and I was heavily involved in designing the fight: the clash of fists, and the physical movements were built by my partner Ryan Watson and I.

One will think Batman doesn’t stand no chance, that the other will crush him like a bug. But when you see the film, you’ll se that everything fits and falls in place; there is a very clever reason behind the fight in which, at first, it seems Batman is at a disadvantage.

Sounds fun to create fights between superheroes…

Of course! Just imagine it, it was like making candy, Batman will now fight the way I always dreamt of watching him fight….he’s an individual with so much preparation in martial arts that you can do so many things with him, but sadly no one ever really takes advantage of that. Even in the latest Nolan films the fight scenes aren’t so great, speaking from a martial arts technique point of view, the choreography, the sequences, and even the camerawork was bad.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, Nolan is an amazing realist and story teller, I just don’t think he took the time necessary for the fights and punches as he should have. All of these are a wealth of details that Zack Snyder, being very physical, loves to prepare. So I think there will be a very stark contrast when you see the combat in this film as opposed to the previous ones.

You can read the full interview (in spanish) here. What are your thoughts about the promise of better fight scenes?