Green Room Official Trailer #2 -A24

A-24 has released the second trailer for the horror film Green Room. You have never see Patrick Stewart in this light before. He played Darcy Barker a club owner in a boondock operating a nefarious enterprise. Coming off of an unsuccessful road trip, a down and out punk rock group This Ain’t Right suddenly got an invitation to perform in a club at this isolated backwoods of Oregon. What seems to be a low-rated act turn into something more sinister when the band witness a horror act of violence they were not meant to see backstage. Trapped at the backstage, a game of life and death begin to play out between the club owner and his henchmen against this young band mates that prove to be much more resilient than what they come across on the surface. Other cast include Anton Yelchin (Star Trek), Imogen Poots(28 Weeks Later),Alia Shawkat(Arrested Development)Macon Blair, Joe Cole and Callum Turner. Green Room will have a limited release on April 15 and expanded release on April 22nd and wide release by April 29th. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think.


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