Gotham : Unleashed Preview S2E20 – Fox TV

Ahead of Monday night episode 20 of Gotham titled Unleashed, Harvey Bullock is stepping up in place of Captain Nathaniel Barnes who is either dead or on life support. Not sure if the show is writing him off paving ways for James Gordon to begin his climb to be commissioner of Gotham. GCPD and the citizens of Gotham are still reeling from the return of a supposedly dead Theo Galavan. Gordon and Bullock seek out Tabitha, the only person who would know Azrael from her brother. Perhaps Tabitha is the only one who will know how to take out Azrael. Meanwhile at Arkham, Hugo Strange is unlikely to stay at Indian Hill for long now that Gordon and Bruce are on his tail. It does not help Riddler also found out his unethical genetic experiment in the basement. Gordon will enlist the help of Selina Kyle to Strange where about. Bruce continue to defy Alfred and seeks his own brand of justice. His obsession of finding his parents killer is turning into avenging crusade that cross the moral boundary. The birth of Batman is nigh. Gotham returns 8pm Monday night on Fox. Check your local listing. Have a look at the previews below.


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