Gotham : Mad Grey Dawn S2Ep15 Recap – Spoiler Alert

This show wasted no time introducing the Riddler plotting an elaborate scheme to take down Detective Gordon. He first put an anonymous call to Captain Barnes as a witness willing to come forward to name Gordon as the killer of Theo Galavant. The seed was planted in Captain Barnes mind. Next, Riddler planted a fake bomb in an Art Museum and leave his first signature of a green question marks on a fake crime scene to only giving clues to Gordon for his next set up. A bomb in a train station that is just trying to set up second murder victim for James Gordon. The signature of a poor cop the victim and the finger printed crow bar as the murder weapon that lured both Gordon and later Captain Barnes to a perfect caught in red-handed scenario. Signed sealed and delivered and James Gordon was found guilty and send to prison for 40 years. During a prison visit from his poor pregnant fiancée Dr. Thompkins, he told her to leave him and the city for good and to start a new live on her own. Hence ensuring the future birth of a very rebellious and angry fatherless child of a Batgirl.

In other development, Penguin despite his successful therapy from Arkham did not win him any friends even his former admirer, The Riddler(Watch the two clips below). By an odd chance at his mother’s grave he bumped into his  assumed dead father Elijah Van Dahl(Paul Reubens) and later introduced to his not so welcoming step family. I am sure this family will be the cause of undoing all Dr. Hugo hard work at Arkham.

Bruce following Selina street life is taking in his first step of enduring physical punishment when they get caught from stealing drug money of a drug gang who happens to be the nephew of Butch the current kingpin of Gotham. Bruce step into take the punishment to draw the attention away from Selina. A moment of opportunity allow both to escape from further beating. While Selina was stitching up his wound, Bruce admitted the beating was a welcome change for all the emptiness he feels after the murder of his parents. The fact that he can take the beating, he is unbreakable to which Selina retort: Bruce, no one is unbreakable.” Here we get a glimpse of the birth of Batman mindset.

At the end of the scene the comatose Barbara Kean woke up from her bed in Arkham. Does that mean she is replacing Dr. Thompkins in James Gordon live? What do you think of this week episode. Often this show has a slower pacing but this week the plot seems to be on a rush to tie things up.

Here’s next week episode titled Prisoners. Detective Gordon the famous police of GCPD being a prisoner in Blackgate can’t be a good thing for him. I’m sure there will be plenty of prisoners want to get a piece of him. As for Penguin for merely presents in a new-found wealthy father and his step relatives will bring on another set of drama. Happy days for Oswald Cobblepot will be over soon.


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