Gotham: Mad Grey Dawn Episode 15 Preview – Fox TV

Good news for fans of Gotham. The series had been renewed for third season. Next week episode titled Mad Grey Dawn. Gordon and Bullock followed the trail of clues to a robbery unbeknownst to them there were left by Nygma; Gordon received a threat; Bruce Wayne continue his street smart training and Penguin get to meet his father Elijah Van Dahl(Paul Reubens!). From the preview, it does not seems Detective Gordon is getting scotch free from murdering Theo Galavant despite poor Penguin shouldering all the blame that got him tortured at Arkham. And now we know why Penguin is so screw up. Who wouldn’t if one’s father is PeeWee Herman that hoard all the cool toys from his son. And we see the emerge of The Riddler! Check out the preview below.


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