Gotham: Into The Woods S2Ep17 -Promo Clips Fox TV

Ahead of Monday night’s episode 17 of Gotham titled Into The Woods, Here are a few clips to the development of the story. Previously Falcon and Bullock helped Gordon escaped a certain dead from prison. He insisted on staying in the city to find the person who framed him. How long can he stay hidden in Wayne Manor? Bruce Wayne continued his street training with Salina Kyle. Poor Cobblepot who only recently connected to his father to see him poisoned by his step family. When will the evil Penguin finally snap out of the Arkham asylum aversion therapy? Is the Riddler digging up Kristen Kringle body to make her the bride of Frankenstein? Which character will Gotham turn into television version of Harley Quinn? Gotham returns Monday 8 pm on Fox TV. Check your local listing.



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