Gotham : Into The Woods S2Ep17 Preview – Fox TV

A heads up spoiler warning for those who have not seen last night episode’s titled Prisoners. The pacing of Gotham story telling is all over the place. It varies the episode from episode. Last night brought the story to a halt as we see ex detective Gordon at his lowest point, a convicted murderer navigating and avoiding pitfalls in the prison system where both the warden and those prisoners he had a hand in jailing wanted him dead. The worst news came when Bullock during a visit told him Lee had lost their baby and pack up and move to the South. Given Gordon scattered few allies in Gotham. Bullock seek out the help of an unlikely frenemy, former king pin of Gotham Carmine Falcon. All this play out while viewers already know Detective Gordon is the hero of Gotham,  will not died nor will he be incarcerated for long. The show already set the restrictive perimeter from the get go. Similarly as we see the newly  “cured” Penguin from Arkham asylum met his long-lost father Elijah Van Dahl (Paul Reubens) was just a temporary sanity before the powder keg inside Oswald Cobblepot explodes. Last night the draw out of his father death and the evil scheming antagonistic step family of his should be the last straw for Penguin. That step families of his had no idea the beast they had unleashed in him. If I’m Butch, I’ll be careful of his other healthy hand. By next week, Gotham will restore to its normal self when James Gordon chasing after Riddler to clear the one murder he was innocent for and reclaim his batch from GCPD so he can rinse and repeat and walk the not so fine line of laws once again. Check out next week episode titled Into The Wood. We see a somewhat “cured” Barbara Kean, another successful inmate of Dr. Hugo. Bruce Wayne continue his intense street training with Selina Kyle doing the parkour. While somewhere in the universe a baby Kal-El inside a spaceship escaping a destroyed Krypton heading towards planet earth.


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