Gotham : A Legion Of Horribles S3E21 Recap – Spoiler Warning

The penultimate episode of Gotham tonight is not faring well for Team Gordon. Continuing from last week. Selina was trapped with the brainwashed  Bridgit/Firefly. All she wants is to shoot flames at Selina. The Catgirl prove to be agile and smarter than her. She was nimbly evading Firefly. She jump from a high point and knock her unconscious. She use Firefly’s flamethrower to burn down the wall to no avail. Firefly slowly regained her conscious, still brainwashed. Selina able to tap into some of her memory. Enough to make Bridgit believe Selina is her underling. Armed with a new weapon, the duo set to break out of the entrapment.

.Meanwhile Bruce was waiting for Selina at the rooftop in the city. He begins to feel uneasy that Selina was a no-show.

Back in GCPD acting Captain Harvey was giving a press conference about the death of Azrael. He was overwhelmed and exasperated by his new duty. Gordon was waiting for him in the office for help to take on Hugo Strange. Harvey reminded him they failed the last time with the warrant and there’s nothing else he could do. Gordon was frustrated storming out of the office as Bruce came into GCPD  looking for his help. He concluded that Strange had held Selina captive in Indian Hill. The two return to Wayne Manor to brainstorm with Alfred and Lucius Fox. Gordon speculate the lab must be in the basement with hidden elevator or stairs. Lucius made an educated guessed the advance technology Strange use is plutonium isotope. If he can get close enough to the facility he can use a meter to detect the compound. He will make a marked on the location for Gordon to investigate. Bruce reminded them Wayne Enterprise give 25% of Strange’s research. He as a donor and Lucius can make a visit to Arkham and sneaking Gordon inside in the process.

We get a scene of a masked lady watching Harvey’s press conference about Azrael and place a call to Strange accusing him of losing control. She told Strange  “we need to gather the court”. Strange is indeed having trouble with his experimentation. None of his subjects can regain any sense of memory. His latest  Clayface could not remember who he is. Miss Peabody warned him their employers will shut things down if thing don’t improve soon. He move on to Fish Mooney using cuttlefish DNA and increase the voltage and shock her back to life. This time Fish Mooney can remember who she was but was confuse where she is. She even gain some power that upon touching could order her victims around. Just then Strange was interrupted by the unannounced guests arrival. As Strange led Bruce to his office, Lucius getting ready to get a tour from Miss Peabody, he went to his trunk to pick up his lab coat and leave it open for Gordon to get out. Gordon using a fake unworkable security id but was let in regardless. Strange had seen through the trio’s plan. He did like Bruce and was hoping unlike his father, Bruce would go along with his experiment. When Bruce resisted, he had the trio detained. And took Gordon to a lab for an experiment.

Ed Nygma was put in a cell with a locked up cannibal for torture. He managed to convince Miss Peabody and Strange for another chance to take down Gordon. They admire his resourcefulness to escape from Arkham before, he was assigned to gas Lucius and Bruce instead. Strange does not have the stomach to witness the death of Bruce.

The masked lady call again. She scolded Strange for going wild on the experimentation while all the masters want is for him to reanimate their doppelgänger. Which is what Strange did to Gordon. He locked Gordon’s head with a device and pour some white liquid. Later the device was put over Clayface and turn him into Gordon’s doppelgänger.

Alfred ran to Harvey for help. He told Harvey the plan to extract Selina out of Arkham by the trio had failed. Harvey collected a small army of cops ready to storm Arkham.

Here’s next week season finale episode 22 titled Transference. Check out the preview below.



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