Gotham : A Dead Man Feels No Cold S2 Ep13 Recap Spoiler Alert! – Fox TV

If you miss tonight episode 13 of Gotham. Here are some clips to help you catch up on what happens. Spoiler ahead.

Captain Barnes loses it when Mr. Freeze demand the GCPD to release his wife. Instead they use her as a bait and set up a trap in Arkham to lure him.

Of course Dr. Thompkins does not agree and insist she be the escort of Mrs. Fries in Arkham. Both Detective Gordon and her relationship is deteriorating as we watch James Gordon moral compass shifting to the dark side.

Penguin is suffering in Arkham at the hands of Dr. Hugo. He had a chance encounter when Detective Gordon was there to set up a trap to get Mr. Freeze. Despite Penguin plea, Detective Gordon show no remorse nor guilt towards Penguin. This will come back to haunt him when Penguin escape Arkham in the future.

Of course Mr. Freeze is aware of the trap GCPD is setting for him. He did successfully extracted his wife out of Arkham. Unfortunately, Mrs.Fries felt too much guilt watching her husband committed multiple murder just to find a cure for her illness. She switched an old formula solution that end her life. Mr Freeze was too heart-broken and inject himself with the same solution. However, Dr. Hugo has other plans for him. In an earlier scene in Arkham it was Dr. Hugo that help Mr. Freeze to escape Arkham with his wife from the GCPD. In exchange he had Mr. Freeze leave him a vial of his working solution. It was the same solution that Dr. Hugo use to save Mr. Freeze life. For now Mr. Freeze has to be confine in a chamber until Dr. Hugo can create a special suit for him to survive outside of the freezing chamber.

In other development. Despite spending sometime in Switzerland away from Gotham after almost lost his life to Theo Galavant and The Order of St Duma, the intensity of Bruce Wayne obsession to hunt for the killer of his parents increases. Through his own investigation, Alfred found the identity of the killer. He made Bruce promise under no circumstances he ought to be the one to execute the murderer, that responsibility lies with Alfred. Needless to say Bruce has other idea. He sought the help of Selina Kyle to get him a gun and determine to wrestle that task away from Alfred.

Next week episode 14 titled The Ball of Mud and Meanness. We will see a return of a suppose dead girl friend of Ed Nygma, Kristen Kringle. Both might help Penguin escape Arkham. Alfred and Bruce continue to search for the killer. It seems Alfred had a set back and it’s up to Bruce to tackle the task at hand. Check out next week’s episode preview below.





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