Girls Code for #WorldEmojiDay

Today is #WorldEmojiDay. In fact, thanks to companies like Pepsi and Walmart, it seems as though it is the Summer of the Emoji. So, it’s quite fitting that everyone’s favorite form of digital expression gets its own day for celebration.

There are lots of ways to celebrate today by texting, sharing, and tweeting emojis. However, my favorite comes from Made with Code. The site that encourages girls to explore coding is allowing them to make their own unique emoji. Their hope is to get people talking about the female emojis that often show them in bunny suits or pasa doble gowns, and help facilitate the creation of more real feminine expressions. So, ladies, head over and make your own! I did.




Guys, if you’d love to celebrate the day as well, check out more about the ways you can celebrate today!


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