Geek Battle: John Wick vs. Kingsman


Our combatants had the two most exciting fight scenes of the year, and arguably longer than that. The question is, who would win in a fight between the two? We will decide with our first Geek Battle!

First up, John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves. A retired assassin, who just wanted to live a simple life. A man, his dog, and his classic Mustang, what more could you ask for? Well you could ask for mobsters to not steal your car and mess with your dog. Needless to say, John Wick was pissed. In the most memorable part of the movie, John Wick hunts his prey through a nightclub, killing an exceptionally large number of the club’s mobster security staff. Keanu conveys his usual level of emotion,  typically better suited for a role as a pet rock, but this time it works as he methodically wipes out the bad guys.

Our second combatant, Galahad from Kingsman: The Secret Service. Galahad, the gentleman spy played by Colin Firth, while under the influence of the bad guy’s (Samuel L. Jackson with a lisp) secret weapon, starts a fight in a packed church, in the most ungentlemanly way.


We’ve seen both John Wick and Galahad walk away winners from fights against incredible odds, which of course is to be expected in the movie, but in this case, both took the fights to entirely new levels. In a fight between the two, who would be the last man standing? Cast your vote in our poll and tell us why in the comments.

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  • razrrob

    In the church scene the killing was merely quantity while in the nightclub scene it was quality.

  • johnadeleon

    RAZRROB, Have to agree with you!!!