Game Of Thrones : Oathbreaker S06E3 Recap – Spoiler Warning.

Many fans who had read the book of George R.R. Martin have seen their prediction come through on Jon Snow character and his parentage. Episode 3 continue to affirm their theory. Continue from last week resurrection of Jon Snow as he was gasping for air horrify by his own return as Ser Davos and Melisandre look on. Not missing a beat of remembering he was stabbed to dead for failing the Night Watch. He does not share Melisandre view that he is the Lord Of Light. Snow was confused and distressed by his return. He performed his last act as the Lord of Commander by hanging the four traitors including Alliser Thorne and Olly before handing over his cloak and Castle Black to Edd and walks out.

Bran Stark continue his training with three-Eyed Raven of time travel to the past where he get to witness his father Ned Stark, Meera and Howland Reed and allies face off with legendary swordsman Ser Arthur Dayne, a member of the Mad King Aeery Targaryen’s Kingsguard. Dayne and his ally were apparently under the order of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenery and Viserys  older brother) to watch over The Tower Of Joy, where Ned Stark suspect his sister Lyanna being kept after Rhaegar ‘kidnapped’ her. The so call kidnap had incited the rebellion that saw the downfall of the Targaryen Dynasty and Robert Baratheon installed to the Iron Throne. What happen inside The Joy Of Tower held the answers to a few question none the least Jon Snow’s parentage. It should be noted at this particular scene the Mad King has already been deposed, why would Rhaegar had his best swordsman and Kingsguard defending the Tower Of Joy? What did Lynna said to Ned Stark in her dying breath? Did Ned break his oath of loyalty to Robert Baratheon by saving the rightful heir of Iron Throne that is Jon Snow? Fans have speculated Lyanna Stark who was betrothed to Robert Baratheon eloped with Rhaegar Targaryen that gave birth to Jon Snow. As a promised to his sister, Ned Stark had pretend Snow as his bastard child. Unfortunately he did not live long enough to reveal Snow family history. Bran also witness the honorable Ned is not so honerable how he kill Dayne. Bran gets a feel of his power at one point when he yell after his father and Ned seems to sense it. He was pull back to present time by Three-Eyed Raven before we get to see Ned enter the tower.

Daenerys is marched to dosh kahleen, the widow dome to strip off her clothes and jewellery living as the outcast of Dothraki . Meanwhile in Meereen, Varys is working on Vala, the woman who help the Sons of Harpy murdered the Unsullied and Second Sons in the massacre last season. He offered her silver and the freedom with her son to sail off to Pentos in exchange for some intel on the Sons Of Harpy. He learns the Sons Of Harpy was aided by Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis.

Back In Kings Landing, we see Qyburn is recruiting a new flocks of children informants. In came Cersei, Jamie and Mountain that send the flock scurrying away. Cersei told Qyburn she want his flocks of informants everywhere and not just the city. The trio proceed to crash a council meeting that involves Olenna Tyrell but the council decide to end the meeting and walk out of the trio. Meanwhile King Tommen visited High Sparrow to speak on his mother behalf to allow a visit to Myrcella’s grave. The naïve Tommen is no match to the highly manipulative High Sparrow working himself a position on a seat beside the king.

Back in the House Of Black And White, Arya/No One is graduating from the game of lies and regained her vision.

Sam make a courtesy appearance on the episode holding on to a bucket throwing up in the high seas.

In Winterfell, after a very difficult negotiation by Lord Umber seeking Ramsey cooperation to fend off the wildlings of the North, he presented Ramsey with a gift, Osha and Rickon Stark. Ramsey asked Lord Umber to prove Rickon  he is indeed a Stark, to which he tossed the head of Shaggydog -direwolf  on the table. Sigh, Ramsey will never run out of Stark to torture and hold hostage to. So here we are, what do you think of the episode? It’s not as jammed pack as last week but the stories are closing in. Watch a couple of the highlight from last  night episode below.

Here’s look ahead of next week episode titled The Book of The Stranger.The Stranger is one aspect of the seven in The Faith Of The Seven, the main religion of Westeros. While the other aspect of The Seven is either men or women, The Stranger does not have a define gender though most refer to male and often depicted as a hooded with animal like features. The followers of the faith Of The Seven usually worshipped their god few actually devoted to The Stranger and often see ‘him’ as the equivalent of satan. Still some outcast in Westeros believe The Stranger is one of the Many-Faced God by the Faceless Men, devotees of the House Of Black And White. The Faith Of The Seven holy text is The Seven-Pointed Stars. It is splits into books that correspond to the Seven. The Book Of The Stranger being one of them.


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