Game Of Thrones : Home S06E2 -HBO Spoiler Warning!

The collective woot you heard last night is not necessary for the Toronto Raptors making it into their next round playoff in the NBA. Game Of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and HBO worked very hard to keep the suspense of the sense of lost viewers feel at the end of last season when the Lord Commander Jon Snow was stabbed to death by the very people he led at Castle Black. The producers even had Kit Harrington the actor regularly making the round of press junkets confirming the death of his character. Even though majority of the viewers would not believe that’s the end of Jon Snow, there’s still the ominous feeling the show might just change the direction away from George R.R. Martin in his book. It’s not the first time the television series took the creative license to deviate from the author creation. But we are way ahead of ourselves. Let’s go along the chronologically of what happen last night.

  • With the guide of the Three-Eyed Raven, we see Bran Stark all grown up and physical able to walk being transported back in time when Ned Stark and his uncle Benjen Stark were kids, A better time before all hell broke loose that make Westeros what it is today. Among the scene besides the two siblings learning to fight, we see a character that was never introduced but is a key character to the history of  Game Of Throne, Lyanna Stark mother of Jon Snow. And a young Hodor who goes by the name of Wylis that can speak like a normal person. Just as Bran Stark was enjoying his mind time travel to the past, Three-Eyed Raven snap him out of it, warning the experience will not do him good. Bran remains handicapped in present time, Hodor remains a one word giant and Meera was sitting outside still mourning her brother Jojen at a lost of what her future might hold. Leaf the ‘children of the forest’ told her Bran needs her help. I suspect there will be more time travel by Bran to the history just to established the beginning of Game Of Throne when Robert Baratheon and the Starks took up arms that ended the Targaryen Dynasty that involve the kidnapping of Lyanna Stark by Rhaegar Targaryen.
Bran Stark all grown up time travelling with Three-Eyed Raven.
Bran Stark all grown up time travelling with Three-Eyed Raven.
  • At Castle Black , Thornes and his army continue to bait Ser Devos to open the door so they could get Jon Snow’s body. When he refused, Thornes has his people start breaking down the door. In the critical moment, the Wildlings answered, with the help of the giant Wun Wun, Edd lead his wildlings stormed Castle Black with little resistance from Thornes and his men.
  • Back in Kings Landing, the key word is ‘restrain’. King Tommen has barred his mother Cersei from attending Myercella funeral. He had be emasculated by High Sparrow that he oculd not save his own mother and wife, he did not need to go through it again. Only Jamie Lannister Uncle/Father and Tommen were the mourners. The king’s guard were cautiously deterring Queen mother from attending while worrying her unleashing her body-guard Mountain at them(An earlier scene where a peasant were bragging about his encounter with the naked walk of shame Cersei to his fellow villagers got his head smash against the wall by the Mountain). But Cersei had to be patience and bid her time and not act recklessly killing her future soldiers. Her enemy is High Sparrow and his cult followers. At The Sept, Jamie urged Tommen to visit  Cersei, ask for her forgiveness to rekindle the mother son relationship. As Tommen leave, High Sparrow show up to further taunt Jamie, he could have slit his throat right there and then but his followers were there, like Cersei, Jamie had to restrain himself and save the revenge for another day.
Your grace do you want me to squash them?
Your Grace do you want me to squash them?
  • Back at the Meereen, the battleships were burned, slavers reclaimed their land and their slaves, the only people left is Tyrion, Varys, Missandei and her unsullied boyfriend Grey Worm and two dragons chained in the basement. The dragons are starving themselves without their mother Daenarys. Tyrion was giving speech how the dragons will not grow under lock and he had seen stunted dragon the size of a kitten. He further brag to them he can befriend the dragons. Later with Varys, off he goes to the dragons dungeon to walk the walk. The dragons are too weak to spout fire only hissing at Tyrion. As the dragon whisperer wannabe lay down his fire telling them he is there to help and urge the dragons not to eat the help. He continue to narrating stories to the dragons like reading bedtime stories to his children. His theory seems to work. They can recognize friends from foes. Tyrion ever cautiously unlock their restrained with no hostility reaction from them. As Tyrion and Varys leave the dungeon, he told him, next time he had another idea like that, do punch him in the face.
Here kitty kitty, nice kitty kitty...
Here kitty kitty, nice kitty kitty…
  • In Braavos, Arya Stark/No One continue to get training from Waif. As she get increasingly frustrated, the Waif disappear and Jaqen H’ghar show up to tempt her with shelter, food even with restoration of eye sights. She learn her lesson that she is No One. Just like that her begging days are over as she follow Jaqen back to the temple.
No one, no one, no one, can get in the way what I’m feeling……
  • Just when you think Game Of Thrones can’t give us a more despicable character, even King Jeoffrey has to take a number against Ramsey Bolton. He fed his dead girlfriend body to the hounds last week. Why waste good meat he said. Harald Karstark returned to tell Ramsey and Roose that Sansa and Theon had escape and probably heading to Castle Black to ally with Jon Snow. Ramsey suggest they attack Black Castle and kill Jon Snow which they have no idea about the predicament of the Lord Commander at Black Castle. Regardless, Roose laughed at his son and compare him to a dog. Just then they were interrupted by Maester Wolkan announcement that Lady Walda had give birth to a son, a true heir of Winterfell. Many emotions cross Ramsey face, as he got close to congratulate his father of his new son. Despite reassurance of Roose that Ramsey still his first-born, he stucked a knife in his heart that instantly killed Roose. He told Wolkan to spread the news of poison by the enemy befell his father and summon Lady Walda and her new-born. In one of the most cruel scene in television history, though not shown directly, we see Ramsey lead the naïve Lady Walden and her new-born inside the gate where he let loose of  the vicious hungry hounds on the two poor souls as he declared he is the only son.
Despicable me not in the animated movies way.
Despicable me not in the animated movies way.
  • Away from Winterfell hopefully closer to Castle Black, Sansa, Theon, Brienne and Pod taking a break from running. Theon was overwhelmed with guilt of what he had done to the Starks, decide to leave on his own. Telling Sansa he is going home which he means Pyke.
  • At Pyke, Yara is seen arguing with her father she will not give up searching for Theon . Balon told her to stop or else he will get another heir to replace her. As he stomp off into the roped bridge that span between two mountains, he was confronted by his brother, Euron who seek to dethrone him. Under high wind and torrential rain, we saw Balon barely struggle and got thrown off the bridge by Euron. The next day they recover the body and gave him a proper send of. Yara assume she was the rightful heir to the throne to be told by her uncle Aeron that she had to be voted into the throne. This will shape up to be interesting contest among Yara, Theon and Euron to the Iron Throne later in the seaon.
A bridge too far.
A bridge too far.
  • Back at Castle Black, Edd and the Wildlings are ready to give Jon Snow a proper burning send off. Ser Devos with his last attempt to bring the Lord Commander back approaches Melisandre for her help. She was brooding and going through her mid-century  life crisis, losing all her confidence in her magic. Ser Devos urging on that had her reluctantly perform her ritual. She cleansed Snow body, giving him a hair cut and beard trim like your local spa. While absent-mindedly chanting her spell to no avail. Even Ghost was put to sleep by her nonsense mumbling. As the final attempt failed, they left one by one with only Ghost and Snow laying there with his loin cloth like Jesus Christ left in the room. Suddenly Ghost stay alert as we see Jon Snow gasping for air returning among the livings.
Go colored those dragon eggs and let the kids find them for I, the Lord Commander has been resurrected!
Go color those dragon eggs and let the kids find them for I, the Lord Commander is resurrected!

Phew! What an episode! So many stories developing on the front. I’m glad the show did not drag out the Jon Snow dead story. What do you think of the episode?


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