Game Of Thrones : Book Of The Stranger S06E4- Recap – Spoiler Warning

Episode four has a common theme, reunion of siblings. Nothing more satisfying and verklempt than the beginning when Jon Snow was ready to pack up and go for a vacation despite Edd trying to change his mind was the sound of door bell, well in this case horn sounded at the Castle Black gate announcing the arrival of guests. Sansa Stark, Brienne of Tarth and Podrick enter into the compound as Jon looking stun before brother and sister fully embraced each other. This scene is as positive as it gets for the Game Of Thrones. Especially with the Stark families either murdered, held hostage or spread across Westboros all fighting for their own survival. Sansa and Jon even get a moment reminiscing their childhood and teases each other. But the reality sets in as both recount their recent history. Jon is tired and lost his will to battle again while Sansa is more determine to reclaim their family rightful place in Winterfell. Outside Davos ask Melisandre if she will stay in Castle Black, she replied she will do as Jon Snow command, believing he is the Prince That Was Promised. When Davos questioned her what happen to Stannis, she just said he was defeated without divulging any further information. Brienne over heard them,  proudly proclaimed she executed Stannis. She even said she know Melisandre was responsible for birthing the demon that kill Renly Baratheon while giving Melisandre the dagger stares. Pretty sure Melisandre sacrificed of  Shireen will be revisited later by Brienne and Davos down the road. The welcome home dinner thrown by Black Castle is not exactly on par with the old Stark standard while everyone awkwardly sitting through the meal. Tormand took a shine to Brienne. The two stealing glances at each other was funny. But the awkward moment was broken by a troll letter send by Ramsey Bolton to taunt Jon Snow for a fight if he does not return Sansa back to him. He even told them he got their little brother Rickon. With further urging of Sansa, Jon has no choice to take back the leadership role to defend at least his family. While Ramsey has 5000 strong army to Jon’s 2000 wildlings and Northerners, Sansa believe if he asked for the help more will join his cause to take back Winterfell.

Meanwhile at Winterfell, the donkey pit of the Westeros is fulfilling his quota of killing of the week. Luring Roose to kill him. Poor Osha is no match to Ramsey and got her throat slit. RIP Osha, we barely knew you.

Little Finger/Lord Baelish returns to the Vale continuing to extend his power grab by manipulating the affluenza nephew/step son of his, Lord Robin. Putting the fear into Ser Royce who accuse him of selling Sansa to Ramsey. Whatever his agenda is, at least he talk Robin into helping Sansa Stark impending war against Ramsey. Hopefully that will make up for the short fall of army at Castle Black.

At Iron Islands, not so happy siblings reunion Theon returns to his home to a very angry sister for good reasons. Yara wasted many good men trying to rescue him from Ramsey and he had refused to go with her. Now that their father had died, she accused him of being an opportunist returning to claim the throne. Theon’s promised Yara he is there to help her gain her rightful place and will help her rule Iron Islands. I believe at some point the good old Theon Greyjoy shall return to his good old self be seduced by power again.

In Kingslanding, a show down between Cersei/Jamie and High Sparrow is nigh. Proven to be a cunning religious zealot that he is by planting his seeds first on the King Tommen, sharing a ‘secret’ that his wife, Queen Margaery will have to do the walk of atonement like Cersei. This week he play the nice guy allowing Margaery to see her brother Loras. Whatever torture they did to that poor boy had broken him. He was begging his sister to make them stop. He does not care about scheming to get out and overthrow High Sparrow. Meanwhile Cersei learn of the ‘secret’ from her son Tommen during a mother and son time and took the information to Lady Olenna Tyrell and Kevan Lannister. They agree the scheduled of Queen Margaery walk of atonement cannot happen and will work with Cersei and Jamie to take down High Sparrow once and for all.

In Meereen, Tyrion continue his job as the adviser to the absent of Danaerys. He managed to convince the slave masters to abolish slavery in seven years as long as they stop working with the Son Of Harpy. They have reluctantly agree. Grey Worm and Missandei were put in the positions to support Tyrion proposal despite they both vehemently oppose behind the scene. Grey Worm warned Tyrion the slavers are users, they will played him for any advantages and toss him to the fire without hesitation. Will Tyrion plan work?

Meanwhile Jorah and Daario have track Daenarys to Vaes Dothrak, they both intend to infiltrate the ground pretending to be passing merchants. But first they have to buried their weapons as the Dothraki do not take kindly to visiting strangers with weapons. Daario take issues with leaving his favourite dagger behind. In the process of arguing he saw Jorah’s Greyscale. He told him he will buried the dagger himself which he didn’t thankfully because he needed it to kill off a Dothraki who almost strangled Jorah. To cover up the use of weapon on the victim, Daario  had to smash him to pieces with a boulder. At Dosh Khaleen, Danaerys had enough of the oldest widow and the rests making fun of her. She got another Khaleesi to come along for a chance of some fresh air. It’s there they met up with Jorah and Daario. Rather than escape with them, she told then she had a plan in the works.

Danaerys was brought in front of the council of Khals in the temple to decide her fate. As the men were discussing what to do with her, she finally chimed in and ask the men do they want to know what she think? They laughed at her and making more rape threats but she continue to tell her and her husband history, the ambition of  Khal Drogo. She went further and chide those men asking them ‘What great matters do the Great Khals discuss? What little villages you’ll raid, how many girls you’ll get to f***, how many horses you’ll demand in tribute? , ‘You are small men none of you are fit to lead the Dothraki But I am so I will.’ As the men getting increasingly piss off and ready to pounce on her, she slowly retreat to the centre gave them a final warning. Serve me or you will die! She pushes the torches around her that instantly combust and spread the fire burning intensely. The exits were locked from the outside by Jorah and Daario. The Dothraki crowd slowly gather in front watching the temple going up in flame with no survivor. They saw the burning door open as a naked Daenarys emerge unscathed. The crowd was in awe, they all bow down to her including Jorah and Daario. This episode is certainly one of the best with a strong beginning and strong end while developing smaller plots in between to tie up the loose end. What do you think? What’s your like and dislike of this episode?
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