Game Of Thrones : Blood Of My Blood S06Ep6 Review – Spoiler Warning.

Quite a few revelation for the episode on what’s looming towards the end of the season. A few early characters emerged. The episode continue from last week where Meera is struggling with the sled dragging the new Three-Eyed Raven, Bran Stark who is in his state of visionary flashes. Many of the repeating visions we had seen before including Daenarys and her dragons in Kings Landing. He woke up and tell Meera the White Walker wights have found them. Sure enough they appear and attack. A mysterious horse rider appeared with fire mace beaten them back and rescue the two and rode away. Later he revealed to be Benjen Stark, brother of Ned Stark and uncle of Bran. He went missing in the first season when he traveled to the North and become a member of the Night Watch and after lost in the Wall of North and haven’t been seen until now. He explained he was stabbed by a White Walker’s ice sword and was saved by the Children Of The Forrest by piecing him with the Dragon Glass. Thus saving him from fully transform into a walker. He is the series version of Coldhands and the servant of Three-Eyed Raven. Bran will play a crucial role in dealing with the Night King and perhaps the dragons later on.

At Braavos, Arya continue to be tested for carrying out an assassination on Lady Crane. She spent a lot of time watching the play and seems to enthrall by the show. Most likely watching her family stories solidify her identity and her mission as a Stark. At the backstage, her chance encounter with Lady Crane finalized her decision. She spoiled her own assassination plan before Lady Crane drank the poison wine. The Waif was there spying on her. She went running to Jaqen telling him Arya failed her mission.  The Waif hold Jaqen to his promise that she be allowed to killed Arya. Meanwhile Arya is done with being Faceless and No One, she ran to retrieved her  buried weapon, Needle. A showdown between the two is imminent.

At Horn Hill, House Of Tarly , Sam, Gilly and her son arrived. Sam told Gilly to pretend it’s their son and never mentioned Gilly as a Wildling. The family has a history of hostile relationship with the Wildlings. While the mother and sister were happy to see Sam and his family return, Lord Randyll the father not so much. He is downright nasty during the family reunion dinner, humiliating Sam about his weight and his incompetence. Gilly even stood up mentioning Sam’s bravery of killing  Wildling and White Walker to which his brother Dickon snickered at the existence of White Walkers. In the process, Gilly also outed her own Wildling background. Lord Randyll think his first-born is unworthy to inherit his house and the much value family sword : Heartsbane. (One of the few Valyrian steel blades in Westeros that can slay the White Walkers. Jon Snow has the Longclaw and Brienne has the Oathkeeper.) The dinner went bad to worst. So much so Lady Melessa and sister Talla left the room with Gilly in a huff. The father and sons trio left sitting awkwardly at the dinner table. Later Sam had enough of his father, he made a bold move of  taking the sword and left the House Of Tarly with Gilly and their son.

At King’s Landing , the Lannister and the Tyrell falls into a trap of High Sparrow. They were ready to go to battle with High Sparrow over Queen Margaery walk of shame, instead it was just a rouse to have King Tommen sweet talk by Margaery announcing  the religion sect within the king’s council, allowing High Sparrow deeply rooted in the power of King’s Landing. The Lannister and Tyrell were soundly defeated. To rub salt into the wound, Tommen stripped Jamie’s rank of The Lord Commander of The King’s Guard and send him to Riverrun to take back the House Tully from Blackfish the uncle of Catelyn Stark’s uncle. Jamie is heading there, Brienne of Tarth is also heading there, we will see a very interesting reunion of the frenemies. Another note about Queen Margaery, I do not believe she is so easily giving up to High Sparrow and follow his order. She is biding her time to exact her revenge.

Like Ramsey Bolton, another villain of the show will get his comeuppance is Walder Frey. The executioner of the Red Wedding. The Stark siblings are taking numbers lining up to have their turn on Walder.  But Walder still has another Stark uncle as hostage, Edmure Tully, Catelyn’s brother. He will be the leverage against Blackfish in the upcoming battle of  Riverun. It will be interesting to see  how Jamie Lannister figure into this battle not to mention with the presence of Brienne throw into the mix.

The end segment Danaerys riding the dragon giving the motivational speech to her Dothraki warriors is more than just showboating the series. The conversation between Daario and her earlier could foreshadow her future. Danaerys is set to sail to Westeros to seized the 7 kingdoms she claimed is hers. She would need a thousand ships. I guess it will be between Euron and Yara Greyjoy, whoever can strike a better deal. Daario did tell Danaerys she is a conqueror, not someone who sits in the throne. Which is a fit description. She was never a competent ruler, rather a conqueror. She thrives on staking her claim on everything. She has this ‘madness’ in her that she probably inherited from the Mad King. The Iron Throne is never for her to take. Can Bran Stark take control of her dragons that sees her ‘wings’ clipped?

Here’s a preview for next episode 7 titled The Broken Man.


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