Game Of Throne Season 6 Trailer #2 – HBO

Looks like Game Of Throne Season 6 is firing on all cylinders. Cersei and Jamie Lannister are set to regain their power from High Sparrow at King’s Landing. While Danaerys was taken by the Dothraki that left a power vacuum for visiting guest Tyron Lannister who might turn out to be a dragon whisperer at Meereen. Sansa and Theon  escape from Winterfell might means Ramsey will get his comeuppance. Jon Snow might be dead, The White Walkers are not done with Castle Black yet. Bran Stark after absent form the entire season 5 will have a story line this season. Will he walk again? How will his magic power affect this season? Will he be the one that bring Jon Snow back to live? Since he seems to be able to control animals, does that include the dragons? Can he take on the Night’s King as shown in his vision? Game Of Thrones Season 6 returns Sunday, April 24th on HBO. Check your local listing.


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