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So I guess I should introduce myself to those of you that don’t know me from, I’m Reverend Grim, I originally started out ‘Bashing Apple’ on my BBM Channel C000117D3 then had a Channel Battle against Brad on UTB… I won (sorry for rubbing salt into that wound again lads!) But in winning I met a group of guys that share a passion for many thing that I do, BlackBerry being the common ground we all started getting along and working well together (nobody has told me different so I’m going with it!) Then along came Geek, I like to think of myself as a ‘Part Time’ geek, I love Marvel stuff (Much to a few peoples disgust) Star Wars… Well I’m old enough to remember my old man taking me to see ‘A New Hope’ so that was always going to be a big part of me, the other and possibly one of my biggest passions is music, mostly Rock/Metal but I have and extremely diverse collection of music, from AC/DC to ZZTop or Clannad to Fleetwood Mac or Queensryche to Rush… I will try anything, if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have music for every mood, every moment in life.


Think back to your earliest memories and work your way to the now… tomorrow or next week,  next year even, there will always be music, from a song your parents would sing, that track you hear that makes you cringe about your first kiss at school, the first song after a child was born or a relative or friend died, we all put music to our lives, if we really thought about it, we could map our own personal histories by music, and this is something I’m going to do here…


At least once a week (all being well and if you lot allow) I will pick an Album or a subject to do with music and share it with you, all I ask is that you join in and either try to listen to the album or a few tracks (I will try and link stuff from YouTube) or think about the subject in question and join in!

This week then I’m going to throw out there one of my all time favorite group’s and, in my opinion, one of the best albums of all time!

Savatage   Streets : A Rock Opera (1991)


Savatage  is an American heavy metal band founded by the brothers Jon and Criss Oliva in 1978 at Astro Skate in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Savatage have released eleven studio albums, two live albums, four compilations and three EPs. They are going to reunite in 2015 for the Wacken open air concert in Germany along with TSO, Judas Priest and Cannibal Corpse to name a few. It’s already sold out, if you happen to have a spare ticket I would be eternally grateful (hey, its worth a go!)

The story features a fallen rock star called DT Jesus (DT is short for either De-Tox or Down-Town), who has hit hard times. He is a drug dealer as the story begins. DT Jesus is just another lowlife on the streets of New York City. Streets explains the story behind DT Jesus and his rise to fame again and his second fall.

The songs all tell a part of the story and if you’re lucky enough (Like me) you might find the ‘Full’ Narrated version, it’s hard to come by, in fact I’ve only managed to get a copy this year!

The way the band play the songs, not just with the usual ‘Rock Band’ instruments, Guitars, Bass and drums, but with a full blown orchestra too works to bring you into the story, helps you feel the joy and happiness of DT Jesus and also the lows and down right debilitated feelings he has when his friend is killed, the anger he feels one moment to the sorry he feels in the next.

Songs to note in my opinion (I’ll try not to put the whole album) are…

Strange Reality : This song is about the turn around, when DT talks to an old Blues guitarist that is now a drunk… it gets him thinking… will this be me in 20 years?

St Patricks : After DT’s friend dying he goes out to the streets of New York looking for answers to life, after talking to a drug dealer, pimp and prostitute he find’s his way to a church, He goes in and asks god for answers, I particularly like this song because of the roller of emotions, just listen to it!

Agony and Ecstasy : The song that (I’ve been told) anyone that has ever had an addiction can relate too, but with a difference… This is not the DT thinking of taking the drugs as such, this is the drugs talking to him…

Listen to me from deep down inside
I’m the madness that just will not die
With no regrets of what I’ll do to you
Before the night is over
You’ll be crawling to me

Excellent heavy song!

Heal my soul/Somewhere in time/Believe : These have to be one of my all time favorite songs, the songs that finishes the story, after finding an old tramp dying in the street all alone with no one but strangers standing around DT takes pity and sits with him in his last moment’s, Jesus believes that the worst way to die is alone, He see’s what looks like a young boy walking to the derelict building and realized  it was the younger spirit of the tramp, it was going to plead God for forgiveness for wasting a life and to ask to ‘Go Home’ eventually the spirit gets taken ‘home’ and DT goes off to sleep the sleep of a saved soul.

Listen to the whole thing here

Ok, I’ll admit this all sounds a bit heavy and in a way it is, the wrongs and rights of life, the ups and downs all crammed into 68 minutes. But think of it, could you cram a life into that time? Honestly, if you only ever listen to one Savatage album in your life then please, make it this one.

So, until next time you can either throw abuse at me here in the comments, @CRAPPLEBASHING (should I have a new one for UTB Rocks?) or on the

I’ll catch you all later, I’m moshing my way back to the Temple! Reverend Grim is Outta here!


Rev Grim

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  • undbiter65

    Being of a younger generation, I’ve listened to mainly more modern metal. Will give this a try for sure Rev! And great first UTB Rock post!

    • Thank you young sir! Its definitely worth the listen! I enjoyed blasting it out while doing the post! More soon!