Fox Goes Cheap for New Logan Trailer

Anyone looking forward to a new Logan trailer probably feels a little cheated.

20th Century Fox surely paid attention to price for their Super Bowl trailer. We know that advertising space is quite expensive during the big game, and this ad, timed at exactly 30 seconds obviously considered that.

Unfortunately, the ad doesn’t really show anything new compared to the original trailer,  and definitely doesn’t pull at the heartstrings like the original either.

Perhaps 20th Century Fox thought that people hadn’t seen the first trailer, or just wanted to remind viewers that the movie was indeed still coming out? I’m not sure, but I’m disappointed.

The original trailer was enough to get this movie goer excited about a franchise I had long since lost interest in. This new trailer may have just cost some of that interest. I mean really, who follows up that amazing first trailer, with this?

Ok, the version of Amazing Grace was nice, but it didn’t really add anything to the story I was already excited to see.

Oh well… here it is. See for yourself.

Logan is in theaters March 3rd. And I’d watch that first trailer again. Heck, I did.

Oddly enough, the same expression I had while watching this trailer.