Fear Of Walking Dead: We All Fall Down S2 Ep 2 – AMC

Fear Of Walking Dead season 2 premiered last night. If you have not watch the episode spoiler warning.  Strands Oceanside mansion was on fire and zombies were all around and there’s only one way to go as everyone fighting their way to the  boat. Even the zombies are heading towards the ocean. Unlike The Walking Dead, these survivors are novice when it comes to killing zombies. Not to mention some danger characters among them with more than just surviving this zombies apocalypse in mind.  Who did you spot as the sole  survivor on board of flight 462? Next Sunday episode titled We All Fall Down, the group encounter a new family of survivalists that seems suited for the life of the new zombie world. But when the group become aware the ocean may filled with people thinking about surviving and prospering, there may be more to this family than meets the eyes. Fear Of Walking Dead episode 2 returns Sunday April  17th.


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