Fear Of Walking Dead S02E5 Review And S02E6 Preview – AMC – Spoiler Warning

The gist of this week plot is the hostage exchange between Madison and Connor with a twist. She uses the turned Reed to exchange for Travis. That was a brilliant strategy on her part to use the zombie as a weapon against the ‘savior’ while Alicia escape from the pregnant lady decided to abandoned Connor to rejoined her family. Strand still recovering from his hypothermia letting Madison control the wheels of Abigail. The series is slowly expanding its universe to two opposing group of Abigail versus Connor’s group. It’s a nice peek into how the saviors of Walking Dead was formed in the early days.

Here’s preview for episode 6 titled Sicut Cervus. Conflict arises as Abigail approaches its destination. Chris makes a staggering decision and Nick meets a maternal figure.


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