Fear of Walking Dead: Ouroboros S2Ep3 Previews – Spoiler Warning – AMC

Spoiler warning for those who have yet to seen episode 2 of Fear Of Walking Dead. Things take a dark turn when Madison agree to take the youngest Geary children with her on to the Abigail. Next week episode 3 titled Ouroboros had Madison confront Strand about his mysterious destination. It was revealed last episodes, Strand was lying to the group about his plan to take them to San Diego, a military outpost. instead his hidden weapon, supplies and his satellite phone point towards Mexico.  Nick, Alicia and others checking out the wreckage from the plane crash. That should tie in as to which character from the web series Flight 462 will join the group of survivor. Fear of Walking Dead will return Sunday April 24th on AMC. Check out the most talked about scene of episode 2 and the trailers for episode 3 below.


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