Fear Of Walking Dead Midseason Finale Review And Recap – Spoiler Warning

Last night midseason finale leave viewers guessing if Daniel is dead as he lit the wine cellar full of zombies. Because of Strand reneged on his promised to die along with Thomas, he was evicted from the compound. Circumstances forcing Madison, Alicia and Ofelia joining Strand in the truck heading to the boat. Nick found Travis and Chris both refuse to go back and told Nick he did not see them. Celia did her final walk into the dungeon of zombies as Madison slip out and lock her in. Beside the fear of  the walking dead, it seems this series has add in the fear of the walking crazies too. Below is a clip on most talk about scene and the next episode preview. What do you think of the series so far?




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  • Brad

    Love th series. Last night leaves me with a WTF!?