Everybody Want Some Official Trailer

Everybody Want Some is billed as sports comedy-drama written and director by Richard Linklater. The film is also seen as a parallel sequel to Richard Linklater’s Confused and Dazed as well as Boyhood. Set in the world of 1980’s college life that follows a freshman Jake (Blake Jenner) in his first weekend in college. Along with his hard-partying team mates tells the journey of their newly discover independence, freedom of unsupervised adulthood. Don’t be fooled by the impression of the movie as another wild party by a group of ruthless college kids. Linklater’s approach to his characters development is slow and subtle. By the end of the film audience will have come to realize they are as much part of these characters and wish to follow them for the rest of the semester. Other principal cast includes Tyler Hoechlin as  McReynolds, Zoey Deutch as Beverly, Ryan Guzman as Roper and Glenn Powell as Finnegan. Everybody Want Some is set to release in theatre on April 1st. Check out the trailer below.



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