E’s 3: Movie Genres

What films can you watch over and over? What types of movies grab your attention the quickest when viewing trailers or reading news feeds? In this edition of E’s 3, I investigte my own cinematic taste and lay it on the line for your appraisl and critique.

This was a difficult post to conceptualize. There are so many movies that I enjoy that it almost seemed too big a subject to tackle. However, I browsed my home library and scoured my memories, and discovered that I narrowed it down rather quickly as I went on instinct. Some things to keep in mind,

  • I am featuring movie genres at their most basic, no sub-genres. They are too subjective and overlapping to be precise.
  • Movies taken into consideration are full-length features. And, I look at any sequels or franchises as individual films.
  • This is the opinion of one redheaded geek and based on what she loves to watch again and again.

Without further ado… I present:

e3 movie


Dramatic movies are characterized by the story taking precedence. Characters are driven by the turn of events, and through their behavior we see more of their development and growth. I love a story the draws me into the lives of the characters and makes me root one way or the other. Dramas are also known for bring home to epic period period that often have historical and cultural significance. it creates more interest as the people become more relatable and the lifestyles show a stark relief to today’s culture.

Favorites of this genre: Pride and Prejudice (2005), The Breakfast Club, Forrest Gump.


Chill, haters. Musicals are kind of badass. First, it requires more skill than being able to walk, talk, and emote; it also requires the singing and dance that define the genre. The music and dance in these movies work like a Shakespearean aside, giving us a peek at the characters thoughts and emotions. It provides a richer story and viewing experience.

Favorites of this genre: Singin’ in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz, Chicago


These movies are pretty much my guilty pleasure. I grew up watching Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone kick 80s ass. Action movies are defined by their quick momentum, fierce sequences, chases, explosions, guns…. oh my! They’re simply fun…and the well-built muscular leading men that frequent the genre don’t hurt either. Two words: Jason Statham. But I digress, action flicks aren’t particular about their story; plausibility seems to just get in the way. So when I need a mindless good time, this is where I go.

Favorites of this genre: Die Hard with a Vengeance, The Expendables, The Avengers

So, what do you think, dear readers? Want to challenge my movies or genres; sound off in the comments below!




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  • veeru789

    For me its action and comic animation. Dramas, maybe once but not over and over again. Except for few exceptions.

    • E

      Nice! Action flicks are always great, even when they’re bad! Lol