Equals Official Teaser Trailer

Equals is billed as a futuristic love story. The characters live in the world where emotion is eradicated. The film is executive produced by Ridley Scott of major science fiction movies like Blade Runner, Alien, Prometheus and recently The Martian. It stars Nicholas Hoult of Mad Max and the coming up X-Men Apocalypse, Kristen Stewart (Twilight) and Guy Pearce(Iron Man 3, Memento, Hurt Locker and LA Confidential) All in all a collection of stellar casts behind it. While the film was released internationally and in some film festivals, it was never wide release in North America. The tentative date of release of this film is summer. Check out the trailer below.


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  • Brad

    Emotion eradicated? So Kristen Stewart finally found the role for her.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Hey! It take some talent to sustain that disinterest face through out the movie.