Edible Cutlery : The Future Of Eco Friendly Utensils.

If we think about the amount of disposable utensils we use each day from vendors at our work place, in our offices, schools and college canteens and shopping malls food courts, the quantity we disposed off after used is staggering. From the innovators of India comes the edible cutlery. For now only available in spoon that will eventually expand to forks and chopsticks, this edible cutlery is made of three flours of Rice, Wheat and Sorghum, ingredients that are largely available in many parts of the world. Most importantly the developers are getting the following certifications : Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, No Trans Fat, Dairy Free, Fair Trade, No Preservatives, Kosher, No High Fructose Corn Syrup. That is an impressive list of universal user-friendly certification. This edible spoon is highly functional can store up to 3 years. Even if users dispose of this spoon, under natural environment, it will degrade within ten days or eaten by insects and animals just like expired biscuits you often thrown out. The spoon works well with ice cream yogurt and soup and it does not degrade in soup due to the use of large quantity of sorghum, a crop that is strong and abundant that need much less energy to cultivate than rice, wheat and corn. This crowd funding project has already far exceed the $20000 goal and is sitting at close to $1350000. That should help the developers to expand into other utensils.The kickstarter project pricing of this edible spoon is very competitive and affordable. For as little as $10 you get a pack of 100 spoons and choice of your flavour. For more information visit head over to the site by clicking here.


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