Driverless bus takes to the streets of Perth

Following our report from Finland about a pair of driverless buses on the roads of Helsinki (you can read about it here) comes another story, this time from Australia.

According to a story in The Australian, yesterday Australia’s first driverless bus mingled with the cyclists, cars and pedestrians of Perth.

The 11-seater RAC Intellibus, a French-built Navya, will spend the next three months travelling a 2.7km stretch of the South Perth foreshore along the Swan River. West Australian Innovation Minister Bill Marmion said the bus had undergone off-road ­testing before being unleashed on to the public.

The bus was bought by the RACWA (Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia) for AU$296,000 and will operate a speeds of up to 25 km/h.

Anne Still of the RACWA said the bus has six Lidar sensors, four stereo vision cameras, radio and 3D connect­ions for GPS. It calculates its position not only using GPS tracking but also based on its starting point and distance travelled.

The Navya shuttle in Perth will run for at least three months at the current location and at least one year overall.

Ms Still said, “We will look at ­options to extend the trial beyond that. That will enable us to learn not only about the technology but it will give Australians a chance to experience a driverless vehicle. It will help prepare Australians for the changes that are coming.’’



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