Don’t Run Out of Toilet Tissue Thanks to Amazon


I tend to run out of things at home a lot. I’ll run out of
coffee, I’ll run out of dish soap, and I’ll try to remember to pick them up when I’m next at the store, but I invariably forget, and I’ll go a few days grumpy due to not having my morning coffee, and my sink will be full of dishes because I’m out of soap.

Amazon hope to save people like me from the various shortages with their new Amazon Dash button. Or as I like to call it, the Easy Button that actually does something. (hear that Staples!? Click this!) the Amazon Dash is a small WiFi enabled button, that when you press it, will automatically order a pre-selected product to be shipped to you.

in a case of what has to be sheer genius, the buttons are branded. It doesn’t say ‘paper towels’ it says Bounty. And the business side of me thinks that is where the real money is coming from. For brands, to know that people will simply continue to buy their product without going to the store, without seeing a competing brand for a dollar less, that’s got to be worth a pretty penny to them. For Amazon, it’s so convenient to just press the button, and not have to worry about remembering to pick something up at the store. And for the consumer, they can say goodbye to the ultimate fear, the greatest fear of all, running out of toilet paper.

Of course, at this rate, it’s only a matter of time before we’re floating in hover-chairs and eating our meals out of sippy cups like on Wall-E

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    I liked Wall-E