Don’t replace Andrew Garfield as Spider Man

In the midst of the Sony hack there was one particular piece of information that was leaked. A deal was in talks to bring Spiderman to The Avengers but neither Marvel nor Sony want Andrew Garfield as Spidey. What a horrible way to find out.

While the two ASM movies were heavily flawed, Garfield was EASILY the most salvageable element of the films. He has the charisma and even the look for the role. It seems many people agree as a petition at has been started to keep Andrew as Spiderman. The petition has 13K supporters so far, and if you agree feel free to sign the petition.

Here is what Luke Evans, the one who started the petition, had to say:

With all the recent news lately about the Sony hacks and leaks about Spider Man the company itself and the news that if Marvel were to get Spidey back, they would completely reboot the character. Alot of us have to grown to love and appreciate Andrew Garfield as the web head. He’s a been a Spider Man fan his whole life and he’s been handled incorrectly by the greedy idiots at Sony and he said himself that he would love to be in an Avengers movie and why not? He such a great Peter Parker and Spider Man and he derseves to be in one and alot of us would be very disappointed to see him kicked out and replaced after just two movies. So please sign this petition and spread it to your friends and on social media. The more the better.  #NoAndrewNoSpiderman #AndrewGarfieldinCivilWar #SupportAndrew @SpiderManMovie @Marvel @SevenWebHeads


Sign the petition here.

  • veeru789

    +1. This guy is the best spider so far

    • undbiter65

      For sure. Will be sad to see him go if he does leave