Do you even Oscar?

Tomorrow, the Superbowl of film industry – the Oscars – will announce the nominees of various categories eligible to win the Oscar awards. In a few weeks, the world will get to see who will win for the work they’ve done. For regular folks, we mostly zero in on the various actors and film of the year categories. This post is not trying to sell you on the Oscars award show at all. I don’t think many could sit through over three hours of the show sandwiched between hundreds of commercials – unless you make it like a Superbowl party with food, snacks and alcohol beverages and take a drink every time someone thanks God or the Academy for their win.

Often the Oscar nominees and the winners do not correlate with box office figures. As we witness the top box office takings of all time, if you search online you will hard-pressed to find any films on the top 100 list that contain no CGI, no animation, no sci-fi or no action-packed thriller or no comedy. Those top box office movies obviously display our preference for escapism, pure entertainment and pure adrenalin experiences. More likely than not, most would rather re watch the same movie than pick out a new drama-laden show. Some of you might still remember the Blockbuster days arguing and agonizing over your love ones which movie of the week to park yourself in front of on the couch, and it’s no different this year.

Some of the possible nominees in the big categories of Best Film, Director and Actor will be The Revenant, Spotlight, The Big Short, The Danish Girl, Carol, Bridge of Spies, Steve Jobs, The Martian and perhaps even Mad Max: Fury Road. There are many more that could be added to this list but I digress. Behind the scenes, the production house with its cast and crews are busy campaigning for their wins. (The campaigning among the Hollywood celebrities would put the politicians to shame. Not to pick on Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones about her deserved win for her role in Chicago back in 2002 against acting heavyweights like Meryl Streep. The Hollywood “royal” couple were very busy wining and dining for votes to ensure the best supporting actress award belonged to Catherine. These are considered normal activities near award time).

Unlike the Star Wars, Marvel or Transformer movie franchises, many of these nominated movies do not get the same promotion. There is no tie-in merchandise to sell nor any cross-promotion with restaurants or retailers. They do not have established fans of comics to put the word out about the movie. Aside from the glam and glitz and occasional appearance on the talk show circuits, not many of us have not heard of – let alone seen – some of these nominated films.

For someone who enjoy movies, I like to make it a habit of selecting a few films around Oscar time to sit through. I’m not above anyone else when it comes to selecting what to watch. More often than not I would rather sit through the pentalogy of Tremors over The Bridges of Madison County. Yes, there are 5 movies made of those pesky tunneling giant worms. However, more often than not I get surprised by great performances, great story-telling along with some great cinematography from likely candidates of Oscar nomination. Some of the subjects are not to my usual liking or focus of interest, but I do appreciate when a film challenges and provokes my mind and tests my comfort zone about the world. I like to be reminded of films that I might most likely miss during Oscar time. Some I might not be likely to watch, while others I will keep in mind for ’emergency movie’ situations. So have you seen many of the potential nominees from the Oscar this year? Which one is your favourite?




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