DC Comics vs. Rihanna

Robyn vs Robin
Robyn vs Robin

Rihanna may possibly face a lawsuit from publisher DC Comics over a trademark the singer has recently filed: Robyn (don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want anything of mine associated with Rihanna either). Robyn, which is the singers first name, is intended to be a trademark for a line of cosmetics and clothing line by the singer.

Rihanna filed the trademark on June 23rd, 2014 while DC Comics’ trademark has stood since 1995. According to Inquisitr:

“DC Comics believes that “Robyn” is too close to “Robin,” who is best known as Batman’s sidekick. DC believes that the name “Robyn” will confuse consumers and fans into thinking that Rihanna’s products have something to do with the Boy Wonder. As anyone can point out, “Robyn” and “Robin” are spelled different, but that doesn’t stop the comic book publisher from thinking differently.”

Are the concerns legitimate? Well not only is the singer planning cosmetics and clothing, she is also planning to release a magazine with “Robyn” as the title. The comic publisher fears the singer is trying to latch on to success of Batman’s trusted sidekick. If DC Comics and the pop singer fail to reach an agreement, the matter will be settled at the Trademark Office.