Dawn of Justice : Detailed look at the BatMobile (Video)

Bat Gadgets are arguably the most exciting gadgets in Geekdom. And Bat Mobile is the epitome of super hero Gadgets.  with every Comic, Game, movie, our expectations grow. The Tumbler, from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Trilogy, pushed our imaginations to new limits yet keeping it as realistic as possible. Dawn of Justice, the upcoming movie in DCverse is doing it yet again. We’ve already seen few pictures of the Amazing Bat mobile. But here’s 13 minutes of mouth watering footage of the Bat mobile. Couldn’t ask for more! Enjoy!!!



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  • monkey

    Awesome! When I first saw it I thought it was a remote control toy running across the kitchen floor. That sound it makes! Then the batmobile and the batmobile plus.

    • veeru789

      Batmobile plus….LOL
      Thank god it’s not iBatmobile :p

  • monkey

    Steerable headlights!