Danger Mouse Trailer – Netflix

Netflix has released its upcoming reboot of the 80’s animated cult classic Danger Mouse. Originally it’s a loose parody of  British Spy fiction. Super spy Danger Mouse (Alexander Armstrong- Dr. Who) and his sidekick hamster, Ernest Penfold (Kevin Eldon-Hugo) with the latest gadgetry and vehicles taking on super villains and rivals to keep the world a safer place. Dave Lamb (Horrible Histories) will be the narrator as well as Stiletto Mafiosa greenback’s Italian side kick, Ed Gaughan as Baron Silas Von Greenback, a crow, criminal master mind and arch-enemy of Danger Mouse Stephen Fry as the voice of Colonel K, a chinchilla who serve as the boss of Danger Mouse and Ernest Penfold , Lena Headey (Game Of Thrones) as the voice of US secret agent Jeopardy Mouse and John Oliver as the mad scientist wolf Dr.l Augustus P Crumhorn III. there are 26 episodes in the series and will premiere on Netflix Friday April 29th.


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