I’ve been hearing about crowdfunding (aka crowd sourcing) for some time now so last year I decided to look into it further and see what all the buzz is about.  Seems there are many outlets for entrepreneurs to gather funding without signing their life away to a bank.  The main thing that made a difference for me was the change in policy that if the idea doesn’t reach its’ ‘target goal’ the backers get their money returned.  There are a whole slew of start-ups that provide crowdfunding and currently I’m involved in #5 different ideas.  I would strongly urge any of you with a hobby or interest to look at the ideas available as there are sure to be something for almost everyone.  From tablets to exercise equipment to cool electronic gear there is something for everyone.  Various motion pictures have gone the route of crowdfunding to get their movies produced and distributed.  There are many cool ideas to choose from and the costs are quite reasonable!  I’ve included links to some of the more popular sites below so feel free to explore













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  • michael taber

    Razzrob enjoyed the post. Just a few questions. What are some of the investment you made? What kind of return on your Investment have you received?

    • razrrob

      Hey Mike,

      I didn’t invest- I was on the other side. I actually contributed/bought into the projects

      • michael taber

        Looking into it. Thanks for the reply. Very interested

  • nerdydaddyo

    Thanks for bringing this to light, Rob! Recently on Indiegogo one of my favorite bands got the funding they needed to complete their latest album nearly three times over! I’ve also contributed to a few Kickstarter projects myself and it not only feels good to contribute if you can afford to do so, there are usually perks to go along with your donation. I’m still pissed that the Ubuntu Edge didn’t succeed, but if a Kickstarter funding fails to meet its goal, you get your money refunded. Indiegogo has a different policy that gives the funds to the subject even if the goal isn’t met; sometimes it still helps someone even if you get nothing in return.

    • razrrob

      Hey nerdyy- glad to hear you’re involved too! This is a really exciting idea only limited by imagination

  • Barracuda7772

    Great post razrrob . Good to know backers get their funds back if the crowd funding fails

    • razrrob

      I will continue to be involved in crowdfunding. I would just recommend you read the project particulars before getting involved.

  • undbiter65

    Very interesting. It’s nice to see some of the awesome ideas out there.