Conviction Teaser Trailer – ABC Network

Actress Hayley Atwell ‘s Marvel’s Peggy Carter character suffered double blow when Agent Carter series was cancelled by ABC and Peggy Carter die of old age in Captain America : Civil War. But Atwell’s new series Conviction was given the green light by ABC Network. She played Hayes Morrison, a lawyer, first daughter of former president caught in possession of cocaine. To avoid ruining her mother senate campaign and for her own salvation, she was offered a job by her nemesis, Wayne Willis ( Eddie Cahill -CSI-NY) New York Attorney General to work in his department of Conviction Integrity Unit. The department allow her to use her brilliant mind to sought through wrongful conviction cases as well as maintaining the reputation of her high-powered political family. The series is created by Liz Friedman (House, Xena The Princess Warrior, Elementary) and Liz Friedlander. Other Cast include Shawn Ashmore (X-Men franchise), Merrin Dungey (Alias, Deep Impact), Manny Montana ( Graceland, Blackhat), Daniel DiTomasso (Witches Of East End) and Emily Kinney ( Concussion, The Walking Dead).

Conviction is expected to debut in the fall on ABC.


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